Mitteilung zum SYPT 2020:


In light of the rapidly changing situation regarding the Corona virus (COVID-19) and based on ETH internal instructions and recommendations we have decided to cancel the SYPT 2020. We made this difficult decision as the safety and health of our attendees and their social environment is our highest priority.

Furthermore, as we are aware that many of our participants have spent several weeks and months on their projects, it was central for us to make and communicate a final decision as soon as possible. We deeply regret having to inform you of this decision but believe it represents the best option at this point.

As we value the projects of our participants very highly, we invite students to upload a 12-minute video of them presenting their solution. A jury will then deliver a detailed feedback on the solution. Furthermore, based on these videos we will invite up to 15 students to attend a team qualification workshop where the five students for the International Young Physicsts’ Tournament will be selected. All participants will be informed in the coming days.

We would like to thank all attendees for their understanding and hope to see you at a future SYPT.



Das Swiss Young Physicsits' Tournament 2020 findet am 28. und 29. März im Hauptgebäude der ETH Zürich statt. Wir freuen uns, dass wir nach 2013 und 2016 erneut an der ETH zu Gast sein dürfen.

Zur Vorbereitung aufs Turnier führen wir erneut die SYPT Physics Week durch. Diese findet vom 10. bis 14. Februar am MNG Rämibühl in Zürich statt. Beachte, dass die Anzahl Plätze beschränkt ist und nicht alle Probleme an der Physics Week angeboten werden. Mehr Informationen finden sich hier.

Die Anmeldung fürs SYPT und die SYPT Physics Week ist nun geschlossen. Insgesamt haben sich über 60 Schülerinnen und Schüler fürs SYPT 2020 angemeldet.


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