For the first time, the Swiss team won the International Young Physicists’ Tournament (IYPT). In Timisoara, Romania, the team of Jan Kamm (Captain), Anja Christina Duevel, David Fankhauser, Chengjie Hu, and Joel Tan won the title of Physics world champion. The students were coached by Ophélie Rivière, Jakob Storp, Daniel Keller, Eric Schertenleib, and Michael Klein.

The Swiss finished in front of teams from Germany, Poland, and Singapore and proved that they belong to the best. “It is incredibly valuable for the students if they can compete and exchange ideas with teams from all over the world”, said Samuel Byland, President of the organizing association. That team finished in front of the serial winners from Singapore demonstrating the quality of their preparation and performance.

For the students, this success at the IYPT marked the coronation of a long journey. First, they had to prove themselves at the national competition and then successfully navigate the team selection process. Intensive weeks of preparation followed before the team qualified for the final after five qualifying rounds. In the final, the Swiss team ended ahead of Singapore and Poland.

Apart from the talent and dedication of the students this achievement also highlights the quality of Physics education in Switzerland. Furthermore, the hours the students invested prove that project-based learning the SYPT problems offer can be a fun, interactive, and motivating experience for students.

Congratulations to the entire team and all people involved!