With very realistic chance to make it into the final the Swiss Team went into the last fight. There is no challenge in the last fight according to the new regulations. The team are allowed to choose their report, in order to allow them to be able to present their best report at the tournament.

The fight started with an opposition for Switzerland. Georgia’s report to problem number 5, Ultrahydrophobic Water, to which Joonas did his opposition, was rather weak. Repetitively Joonas had demonstrated his excellent understanding of the phenomenon and was able to convince the jury of this. With 6.7 points this was a rater weak opposition for Joonas, but still a solid performance.

After the opposition it was time for the Report. Émilie was ready to present her results to problem number 10, Light Rings. The problem concerns rings of light visible on a water jet, if the contact point of the water jet and the surface is illuminated by a laser beam. Due to the strong criticism from the Jury, Émilie only received 5.9 points. Even though this was one Switzerland’s weaker reports, it is still very strong in comparison to the other to the other teams.

In the review team captain Marc secured Switzerland’s place in the final; receiving 6.3 points for his review to problem number 12, Van der Pauw Method.


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For the rest of the day the team decided to relax for a bit and went to dinner together, in order to celebrate reaching the final. Currently preparations are at their peak; Switzerland wants to be successful in the final.

It is the second time in 4 years that Switzerland reaches the final in four years! Everyone is very proud of the five young physicists. 

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