Are you preparing for the tournament but still have some questions about what you will need to do during those Physics Fights? Some commonly asked questions and their answers can be found here.

To give students the possibility of a superior preparation for the SYPT independently from their school environment (that is independently from their school, infrastructure, rectorate and teachers), they are provided with the necessary help during one week. Specifically, they are provided with competent coaching and superior experimental equipment relevant to their problems. Therefore, participation at the SYPT and keeping up with students from established schools will be significantly easier for students from all over Switzerland - especially for students from schools without SYPT experience.


The Swiss Young Physicists' Tournament (SYPT) is a competition, where physics enthusiasts from middle schools from anywhere in Switzerland participate. In so called Physics Fights three teams (each consisting of two to three students) compete against each other. They take turns presenting and defending their solution to a given problem, criticizing the solution of the opposing team and reviewing the performance of the two preceding teams. The performance of all three teams is assessed by a jury. The teams have to try to convince both their opponents as well as the jury of the quality of their scientific work and results and of the understanding of physics.

The three rounds (on two days) are accompanied by a social program including opening ceremony, lunch, excursions, dinner and award ceremony after a final.