• IYPT 2019 - Gold Medal

    IYPT 2019 - Gold Medal

    The Swiss delegation consisting of Daniel Gotsmann (captain), Manuel Antoinette, Oskari Jyrkinen, Michael Klein and Alisa Miloglyadova and their coaches Emilie Hertig (team leader juror), Markus Niese (team leader), Daniel Keller (experienced juror) and Eric Schertenleib (experienced juror) wins a gold medal at the IYPT 2019 in Warsaw, Poland.
  • IYPT 2018 - Award Ceremony

    IYPT 2018 - Award Ceremony

    The Swiss delegation consisting of David Tschan (Captain), Daniel Gotsmann, Daniil Lozner, Piotr Salustowicz and Jakob Storp came 10th. The five students were accompanied by Emilie Hertig (Team Leader), Eric Schertenleib (Team Leader, IOC), Daniel Keller (Juror) and Samuel Byland (Juror, EC).
  • IYPT 2016 - Gold Medal

    IYPT 2016 - Gold Medal

    The Swiss delegation consisting of Émilie Hertig, Eric Schertenleib (teamleader), Zara Vance, Daniel Keller (independent juror), Joonas Vättö, Kathrin Laxhuber, Marc Bitterli (captain), Patrick Lenggenhager (teamleader juror) und Samuel Byland (EC) wins a gold medal at the IYPT 2016 in Ekaterinburg, Russia.
  • IYPT 2016 - Ready for the Final

    IYPT 2016 - Ready for the Final

    The Swiss team (Kathrin Laxhuber, Joonas Vättö, Marc Bitterli (captain), Zara Vance and Émilie Hertig) is ready for the final of the IYPT 2016 in Ekaterinburg, Russia. In the background the coaches are encouraging the team: Samuel Byland (EC) Patrick Lenggenhager (teamleader juror) and Eric Schertenleib (teamleader).
  • IYPT 2016 - Reception at the Airport Zurich

    IYPT 2016 - Reception at the Airport Zurich

    A very nice reception was awaiting the Swiss delegation after their success at the IYPT 2016 in Russia.
  • IYPT 2016 - Swiss Team at the Airport Zurich

    IYPT 2016 - Swiss Team at the Airport Zurich

    The Swiss delegation consisting of Daniel Keller (independent juror), Samuel Byland (EC), Eric Schertenleib (teamleader), Joonas Vättö, Marc Bitterli (captain), Émilie Hertig, Zara Vance, Kathrin Laxhuber and Patrick Lenggenhager (teamleader juror) at the airport in Zurich after winning a gold medal at the IYPT 2016 in Ekaterinburg, Russia.
  • IYPT 2016 - Team Photo

    IYPT 2016 - Team Photo

    The Swiss team 2016: Zara Vance, Joonas Vättö, Émilie Hertig, Marc Bitterli (captain) and Kathrin Laxhuber.
  • IYPT 2015 - Medal

    IYPT 2015 - Medal

    The Swiss delegation wins bronze medal at the IYPT 2015 in Nakhonratchasima: Samuel Byland (EC, juror), Lioba Heimbach (captain), Eric Schertenleib (teamleader), Marc Bitterli, Phyllis Barth, Michael Rogenmoser, Kathrin Laxhuber and Daniel Keller (teamleader juror).
  • IYPT 2015 - Award Ceremony

    IYPT 2015 - Award Ceremony

    The Swiss delegation wins a bronze medal at the IYPT 2015 in Nakhonratchasima: Eric Schertenleib (teamleader), Daniel Keller (teamleader juror), Marc Bitterli, Kathrin Laxhuber, Michael Rogenmoser, Phyllis Barth and Lioba Heimbach (captain).
  • IYPT 2015 - Team Photo

    IYPT 2015 - Team Photo

    The Swiss delegation at the IYPT 2015 in Nakhonratchasima: Daniel Keller (teamleader juror), Eric Schertenleib (teamleader), Lioba Heimbach (captain), Kathrin Laxhuber, Marc Bitterli, Phyllis Barth, Michael Rogenmoser and Samuel Byland (EC, juror).
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The International Young Physicists' Tournament (IYPT) is the international counterpart of the national competition. Teams from all over the world compete against each other and a diverse social program promotes social contact of members from different teams.



To participate at the IYPT, you have to be part of a national team. To become part of the Swiss national team, you have to pass a two-phase qualification:

  1. Participation at the SYPT
  2. Participation at the team qualification (a second round)

In case of questions please contact us.


Learn more about the international organization behind the IYPT:


The IYPT-participant, Oskari Jyrkinen, has written a report about his impressions from the IYPT 2019. Furthermore, he explained why he participated at the SYPT.


Experience report IYPT 2019

This year’s IYPT was held in Warsaw, Poland and the students representing Switzerland were Daniel Gotsmann, Manuel Antoinette, Oskari Jyrkinen, Michael Klein and Alisa Miloglyadova. As all the students representing Switzerland, I got into the team by qualifying for the team at the qualification round where the best nine students of the national tournament participated.

There are different reasons why I decided to participate at the SYPT and eventually IYPT. First of all, I really enjoy trying to understand physical phenomena and the feeling you get when you successfully model such a phenomenon mathematically after having spent hours, days, if not weeks experimenting and pondering is just priceless. In addition, I saw it as a unique opportunity to develop my presenting and critical thinking skills, as they are an integral part of this tournament. By participating at the IYPT you also get very competent coaching which is undoubtedly very valuable.

The opening ceremony started off with lectures and speeches from IYPT officials and renowned physicists. As one might imagine, many students were very tired after the last preparations from the night before. Nevertheless, the students were woken up from their dozy state of mind when a group of dancers and singers entered the auditorium and started a traditional Polish singing and dance performance and encouraged the whole audience to dance along, cheering up the mood in the auditorium.

Finally, the time came for the forming of the physics fights. One by one the teams’ captains had to randomly pick a sculpture with a number beneath assigning each team for a fight. When it was time for our captain, Daniel Gotsmann, to pick a sculpture, the emotions in the auditorium were high as Singapore turned out to be our rival in the first fight. On our way out of the auditorium other teams wished us luck for the first fight against serial winner Singapore.

Nevertheless, we had a comparably strong first fight which provided us with a great deal of confidence. In the following days our performance and team work kept improving as we climbed up the ranking. The day before the fight against Brazil and Iran, the tension was high as we had to make sure not to be surpassed by our strong rivals and not to lose our third place in the total ranking. All three teams in this fourth fight had a strong performance which made it one of the most memorable and exciting fights.

After all the preliminary rounds the moment of truth was about to be revealed. Nervously we were waiting for the scores of the last preliminary round to be published. Great was our delight when we heard that we had won the gold medal of this year’s IYPT by qualifying for the final.

After an intense day of preparation, the day of the final came where we had to face China, Germany and Singapore. We performed well, coming third, only 1.8 points behind the winning team Singapore. Finally, all the hard work, missed excursions and lack of sleep had paid off.

After a great tournament, the whole Swiss team decided to stay in Warsaw for the weekend to enjoy and celebrate the gold medal as well as to catch up on the missed excursions.

I would like to thank both team leaders, Emilie Hertig and Markus Niese, as well as Eric Schertenleib and Daniel Keller for their competent support before and throughout the whole tournament. Their contribution and dedication undoubtedly played an immense role in achieving the results we did.

The Swiss team wins gold at the 32nd International Young Physicists’ Tournament in Warsaw, Poland! The delegation consisting of Daniel Gotsmann (captain), Manuel Antoinette, Oskari Jyrkinen, Michael Klein and Alisa Miloglyadova as well as their coaches Emilie Hertig (team leader juror), Markus Niese (team leader), Daniel Keller (experienced juror) and Eric Schertenleib (experienced juror) secured the third gold medal since 2013. This success is the reward for the hard work in the months leading up to the tournament

The fight plan ensured a difficult start for the Swiss. In round 1 they met serial winner Singapore as well as the hosts Poland. This team managed to show a solid performance which resulted in the 5th place after the first round. The results improved as the tournament went on. In the end, 209.3 points were in enough to secure their spot in the final and the gold medal that comes with it.

In the final Oskari Jyrkinen presented the problem Hurricane Balls, Daniel Gotmann did the opposition and Michael Klein the review. After a very intense fight the team missed out on the trophy by 1.9 points and ended third. Nevertheless, they can be very proud of their achievement.

We congratulate our students to an excellent performance at the IYPT 2019!

The 31st International Young Physicists' Torunament took place from the 19th to the 26th of July at RDFZ Yizhuang Campus in Beijing, China. At the tournament the team comprising of David Tschan (Captain), Daniel Gotsmann, Daniil Lozner, Piotr Salustowicz and Jakob Storp came 10th. The five students were accompanied by Emilie Hertig (Team Leader), Eric Schertenleib (Team Leader, IOC), Daniel Keller (Juror) and Samuel Byland (Juror, EC). Congratulations to a successful tournament!


Experience Report from David Tschan

After having decided to participate in the team qualifications for the IYPT, I was assigned a new problem to work on for the next three weeks: problem number three, Dancing Coin. Prior to giving my consent to keeping on the work, I had had a meeting with the principal of my school and Mr. Weiss, during which I was assured that I had the full support of GKG behind me, that I would be allowed to not visit certain classes and to work instead. Furthermore, and perhaps most importantly, I was given a key with which I was able to access the school and the physics facilities. From that point onwards, I probably spent more time in the lab than in classes. The setup that I used for Dancing coin required a few tries until it worked. However, once it did, it proofed invaluable for I was able to measure all the relevant physical entities relatively easily.

On April 11 and 12 the qualification for this years Swiss IYPT team took place. Ten students had to prepare themselves for the qualification; there they had to write an exam, present their results and demonstrate their understanding in 10 Physics Fights. Only the five best could qualify for the team. The Swiss team consists of Theya Birch, Ivana Klasovita, Florian Wirth, Zara Vance (captain) and Xiao Yu. From July 5 to 12, 2017 the five student will make up the Swiss team at the IYPT in Singapore.

The delegation also includes the coaches Samuel Byland (EC), Émilie Hertig (visitor), Daniel Keller (teamleader/juror) and Eric Schertenleib (teamleader).

Read abou Joonas Vättö’s, member of the Swiss Team, experience at the IYPT. 

This year we had the honour to take part at the 29th International Young Physicists’ Tournament, the IYPT, in Russia as part of the Swiss delegation. Consisting of five participants, two team leaders, and our jurors, the team commenced their journey to this year’s venue – the Russian industrial metropolis Yekaterinburg – on June 25th. After a short layover in Moscow we finally arrived at our destination. Albeit being tired, we were all full of hope.

In Singapore, the young physicists secured Switzerland a bronze medal. This marks the sixth time in a row that a Swiss team returns home with a medal, it is evident that the longtime engagement continues to pay off.

Experience Report

Once again, this year, 5 students had the privilege of representing Switzerland in the International Young Physicist's Tournament, which took place in Singapore: Zara Vance, Tehya Birch, Ivana Klasovita (all attending MNG, Rämibühl), Florian Würth (KZO) and Xiao Yu (Lyceum Alpinum Zuoz). Due to our success at the Swiss Young Physicist's Tournament in Lausanne and the following team qualification round in Zürich, we were chosen to travel to Singapore along with Eric Scherternleib (Team Leader) and Daniel Keller to go up against the 30 other participating countries. We were also accompanied by Samuel Byland (Juror) and Émilie Hertig (member of Team Switzerland 2016, Russia) and they played their part in helping us along during our adventure.

The Swiss team consisting of Marc Bitterli (captain), Émilie HertigKathrin LaxhuberZara Vance and Joonas Vättö with the coaches Samuel Byland (EC), Daniel Keller (juror), Patrick Lenggenhager (teamleader juror) and Eric Schertenleib (teamleader) made the way to the final of the IYPT 2016 in Ekaterinburg, Russia. After a solid start and an excellent performance in the final, in which Singapore, Germany and Chinese Taipei participated, Switzlerland placed third. Congratulations!

Mehr information can be found in the category IYPT 2016.


Press Release:

Schweiz gewinnt Gold an Physikweltmeisterschaft Jekaterinburg, 05.07.2015 / Gold für die Schweiz: Fünf Schweizer Gymnasiastinnen und Gymnasiasten zeigen am „29. International Young Physicists' Tournament“ (IYPT) in Jekaterinburg, Russland, eine sensationelle Leistung und gewinnen eine hochverdiente Goldmedaille... (read the complete press release in German and French)

Watch the video summarizing the delegation's stay in Russia:

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